About Us


What started out as an interest in helping out at church functions turned into a successful career of 30 years. In the beginning, Dayle H Lipski not only realized that catering was something that she loved doing, but she was also really good at it too. People started to take notice of her talent of cooking, planning and decorating. Clients started calling to have her caterer their wedding, birthday, anniversary and corporate events. Raising two daughters, Kathy and Kim as a single parent, Dayle knew that this would be a great opportunity to be with her daughters more and it could possibly turn into a family business. Of course, the girls didn’t always see themselves taken interest in owning the catering business, especially in their teenage years.

Mother knows best!

Having to spend their weekends and holidays preparing and catering an event, instead of spending time with their friends at the mall was something the girls didn’t like. 6 However, Dayle hoped that in time the girls would appreciate the business as they got older. Kathy and Kim started developing a little interest in the business each in their high school years when their friends started to see what their mother did. Kathy and Kim were so accustomed to the hard work of catering an event that they didn’t see the creativity involved until others took notice.

As years past, the girls started to see the business for its creativity and challenge more than a chore. Kathy and Kim developed a love and passion for the catering and with the experience of past caterings, they took over the business. Even though, Dayle claims to be “retired” she still gets involved with the caterings.

Dayle, Kathy and Kim all have their own talents that they each bring to the catering business.